Friday, June 8, 2012

A righteous Jew

Editor's note:
These are the words of a wise man, and they very succinctly tell the reasons for this blog                                         

Irrational hatred is wrong, hatred of the many for the sins of the few is also wrong. 
However, the Zionists are dangerous and the Jews who defend their sins and label Anti-Zionism
as Anti-Semitism are just adding fuel to a fire that so far serves the needs of Zionist colonization,   
but will soon blaze out of control, burning every Jew that refused to speak out, 

and say "Never Again, Not in My Name".

Andrew Hall (URL)                                           
May 29, 12:45 PM said:

As an American with Jewish ancestry, let me give my take on this :

I believe anti-Semitism persists because a very small subset of Judaism - very specifically, Zionists and some of the hardline Haredim - is composed of very selfish, very mentally unwell people who lie and cheat and steal for their own self-aggrandizement - and then all Jews are blamed for this.

The Zionists are TERRIBLE. They murder and cheat and kill and steal and abuse Arabs (not that the Arabs treat them any better - but still, it does go both ways) - they break the Commandments regularly, they are not following their own rules in any way that matters, and they threaten EVERYONE who disagrees with them. Even with Jewish ancestry myself, I have been personally threatened by American and Israeli Zionists several times for taking the position that the expulsions of Palestinians from Israel in 1948 was wrong and that the IDF treats Palestinians unethically at present as well.

But what you get is people who cannot distinguish between Zionism - a fundamentalist ideology of bigotry and occupation that supports religious war and discrimination - and the larger Judaism - which is a wonderful faith when practiced as it is written, with prohibitions against killing, lying, and stealing, and which exhorts people to treat others as they would wish to be treated.

Jews are not alone in this. The modern backlash against Christianity dates to these new Crusades started by fundamentalists in the U.S. government against Muslim countries - but most Christians are not anything like the psychotic generals who believe they are arbiters of God's law. Islam is routinely derided for its support for jihadism and for child marriage - but in my experience, most Muslims are peaceful people and in fact take a hard line against the sexual abuse of children. It happens with minorities, too - I routinely see commenters on BI and other sites blame all blacks because some blacks are violent and/or criminal, or Latinos for the same thing, never once discussing the millions of peaceful and hardworking blacks and Latinos who help the world go around and love their families, day after day.

The solution is that people HAVE to be taught NOT to blame every member of a group for the actions of its worst members. People are not their religions or their skin colors, nor are they all akin to the worst of what one reads about. Most people worldwide in ALL faiths and races, in my experience, are peaceful and hardworking, and should not be blamed just because a small subsection of others who share their faith or race break the social contract.

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