Monday, June 4, 2012

Jews who drive real Jews crazy

Editor's note: I found this and I was just amazed at how these people manage to hide in plain sight. Then I wondered to my self, what kind of rage is bubbling under the surface of the Christian Zionist mainstream, is Holocaust part II in the making.

I once had a conversation with Rabbi Daniel Lapin in which he talked about the weird phenomenon of secular Jews whose sacred meal is the bagel not Passover, whose sacred text is the New York Times not Torah, and who sacred event is the Holocaust, not the Exodus. 

 What drove him crazy was that, having jettisoned all that was actually Jewish, they mysteriously clung to a weird hatred of Christians that, while understandable in a 17th Century shtetl or ghetto, was insane in 21st Century America. 

By this bizarre bigotry such Jews who worship at the altar of the Cultured Despiser manage to piss on the people who are the most enthusiastic friends the Jewish people have in the modern world: American Christians. You perhaps think I’m being crude?

No, I’m being as factual as a newspaper. Rabbi Lapin, alive to the precarious position Jews ever occupy in the world’s affections, ground his teeth frequently at idiot fellow Jews who, believing nothing, nevertheless beat up on their best Gentile friends and expected them to like it or be accused of anti-semitism for protesting such kicks in the teeth.

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